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Our team of sound designers can work on-site alongside your existing audio team or they can work remotely under the supervision of your audio director and deliver assets as and when needed.

We use  industry standard audio softwares such as Protools, Wwise, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Logic Pro, GRM Tools, Waves, Native Instruments etc.

We offer the following audio packages:

  • sound design and sfx for in-game assets
  • live vehicle recordings
    We pre script and video record the recordings for optimised in-game use. We have developed our own software script capturing OBD (On Board Data) during the whole duration of the recording session. We liaise directly with the vehicle manufacturer and arrange the recording either at a test track of their choice or at a hire track.To date we have recorded vehicles including Lamborghini (UK), Bugatti Veyron (Germany), Koenigsegg Agera (Sweden), Hennessy Venon (Texas), Hudson 49 (Texas), Lexus LFA (UK), BMW M3 (UK), MARUSSIA (UK), Bentley Continental (UK), Mc Laren 12C and P1 (UK), Ferrari F12 (UK), Aston Martin Vanquish (UK), Porsche 911 and 918 (UK).
  • foley recordings (for body motions, props, footsteps)
    We work with the best Foley artists whose credits include films such as Captain Phillips, Harry Potter, Slumdog Millionaire, James Bond Quantum of Solace etc.. Our recording kit : Sound Devices 788 SSD Field Recorder, Sennheiser MKH 416, Neumann U87, Neumann SKM 100-MS, Sennheiser radio mics etc…

  • voice over casting/recordings and editing (in English and foreign languages)
    We work with a vast network of studios in UK and Europe and we have long standing relationships with talent agents.
  • voice directing
    We can supply voice directing services to help your producers or audio director achieve the best and most realistic performances.
  • VO post production and localisation support
    We use a variety of plugins (incl. Waves Diamond) and can support your existing team with processing large amounts of assets.
  • scriptwriting management
    We can recommend scriptwriters in Europe and in the US who have film and games experience.
  • mixing (7.1/5.1/stereo)
  • U.I audio assets
  • sound design for cinematics, tutorials and marketing trailers
  • original dynamic music
    We have access to a roaster of films and games composers who understand the challenges of dynamic music.
  • affordable commercial music
    We have established relationships with independent music publishers.To date we have supplied original music and commercial music across 4 AAA titles which original soundtracks are available on iTunes.